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Day Job:  Chasing the wildest storms on the planet. 

Age:  37

Hometown:  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Family:  Fiancé, Tirzah, and 2 children, Vayda and Mason

Television: Tornado Hunters, Ice Racer Showdown, Much Music 'Far & Wide' 

Commercial: Ford Bronco, Clif Bar, Co-op, Woods Canada's Greatest Explorer

Influencer: Redbull Outliers, Nitro Rallycross, Go RVing Canada, Tourism Calgary

Partners: Decked, LINE-X, General Tire Canada, Valley Ford Hague, Leitner

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Storm Chasing Live

Storm Chaser's: You need this, the #1 App for live streaming your storm chasing.
Weather Enthusiasts: Watch live storm chasing from multiple chasers AND see all of the weather radar info storm chaser's get to see! 

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