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About Ricky //

Ricky Forbes is a man who stops at nothing to chase his passions. From documenting the wildest storms on the planet, to spending time with loved ones at home, Ricky's pursuits are all in the quest of a life well lived.


When not storm chasing, Ricky lives for adventure. Working as an influencer with different brands and tourism outlets, Ricky is fortunate to travel the world and share his experiences through photo and video. These incredible stories have helped build his audience to over 1 Million followers engaged followers on social media.


At home Ricky loves spending time with friends and family, volunteering and speaking to all ages. Ricky's family includes his fiance, Tirzah Cooper, and his step kids, Mason (13) and Vayda (18). Ricky is 36 years old, and calls home to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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