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Ricky Forbes is a man who stops at nothing to chase his passions. From documenting the wildest storms on the planet, to spending time with loved ones at home, Ricky's pursuits are all in the quest of a life well lived.

For over a decade, Ricky has immersed himself in the heart of tempests, chasing storms that most would seek shelter from. With a career spanning 11 years in storm chasing, Ricky has witnessed over 400 tornadoes, including a heart-pounding encounter being caught inside the world's largest tornado—measuring an astonishing 4km/2.6m wide. This relentless pursuit of the extraordinary has opened doors to numerous opportunities, from documentaries and media appearances to guest starring on various shows, culminating in the creation of his own Netflix series, "Tornado Hunters."

But why expose oneself to the formidable forces of nature? For Ricky, being beneath these colossal storms brings a momentary suspension of life, leaving one feeling truly alive. He finds purpose in reporting on these storms to local and national organizations to get the word out and get others to safety. Fueled by his love for photography and videography, Ricky's journey is an undeniable pursuit of capturing the awe-inspiring beauty and raw power of the natural world.

At home, Ricky finds solace in the warmth of family and the joy of simple pleasures. His fiancée, Tirzah Cooper, and stepchildren, Mason (13) and Vayda (18), form the core of his cherished world. Beyond the tempests, Ricky dedicates time to volunteering and engaging with diverse audiences through his inspirational talks. Aged 37, Ricky Forbes calls Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, home.

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