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Join Our Team

We have a spot open for a videographer this weekend. Storm chasing Northern Tornado Alley. 


We are meeting up Thursday, June 16, chasing June 17 and 18, heading home on the 19th. 

Applicants must be great with a camera, shooting video and editing. In contact form below, please submit portfolio and/or videos that showcase your work. 

This spot in the truck will be free of charge, in turn, no compensation will be provided. We just ask that you are doing video work for the majority of the time and deliver an edited YouTube video within a week after. We will also require all raw footage before you leave and we would both have licensing rights to that footage. 

This videographer position is a spot we are looking to fill, so if this goes well, it can turn into a paid position in the future. 

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Thanks for submitting!

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