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Bringing you badass
storm chasing content.

All year long.

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What do you get?

Live Video Podcasts with the Best Storm Chasers! 

Every month we go live with our guests that are some of the greatest storm chasers out there. Join us live to hear the discussion, see the footage, and ask your own questions! 

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Live Premieres of Tornado Hunters Episodes

Join us live every month for a private screening of our latest episode! We bring in special guests and share behind the scenes.

Live Storm Chasing from Tornado Alley!

We spend 6 months on the road every spring and summer chasing the wildest storms in Tornado Alley. Watch live and interact with us as we chase! 

Exclusive Access to Past Content

As soon as you subscribe you will get access to all of our past live streams, episode premiere, video podcasts and more! 


Monthly Live Educational Events

Covering topics such as How to Storm Chase, How to Build a Business Storm Chasing, How to Capture Great Photography and Videography, and more!

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Tornado Hunters Team T-Shirts

Get a new t-shirt EVERY month with the Ultimate Plan!


October  |  Tornado Hunters Team T-shirt


November  |   The Bears Cage T-shirt

Sign up today and this t-shirt is on its way to you!

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Storm Chasing Tornado Threat in Texas (8).png
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Getting designed right now! Going to be AWESOME!!

December  |   Tornado Alley T-shirt

Also getting crafted right now! 

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What Plan Is Right For You? 

Immediately get access to active live streams and content as soon as you sign up! 

Content Exclusive to The Tornado Hunters Patreon Family

Live episode premieres and live video podcasts taking place every second week.

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Sept. 20/22 | 6pm MST

Live Video Podcast

Guests: Professional Storm Chaser Jordan Hall

About: Join us live as Jordan chats about his wildest storm chasing stories! 

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Oct. 4/22 | 6pm MST

Live Episode Premiere

Episode: Chasing down the Tornado of the Year! 

Guests: TBD

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Oct. 18/22 | 6pm MST

Live Video Podcast

Guests: Surprise Guest!

About: Everything Tornado Alley and Storm Chasing . 

Teaser for Live Video Podcast September 20th at 6pm MST

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